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About Me.

Beatrice is a Ph.D student in Systems Engineering working in Dr. Arsalan Heydarian's BRAin Lab and the Living Link Lab at the University of Virginia. She is also a resident of Link Lab, a multidisciplinary center for the research of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS).


In a world where smart devices are becoming more embedded within our infrastructure systems, she is interested in user privacy perceptions, attitudes and behavior. She incorporates pyschological and social science theories into privacy considerations within smart buildings and IoTs.



2021 - Present

Ph.D. in Systems Engineering
University of Virginia

National Science Foundation Traineeship (NRT) Fellow


ME in Systems Engineering (2023)

2018 - 2021

B.Sc. in Systems Engineering
University of Virginia

Graduated with Distinction.


Trust and Security of Embedded Smart Devices in Advanced Logistics Systems (Technical),  


Empowerment of Users: Privacy and Security Implications of Smart Devices (Sociotechnical)

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